My name is Zed, and you work for me.

For the next two years you will not exist.
You will have no SIN, no rights to a fair trial, and no backup.
You will have the best that money can buy.
You will be discreet, I have no use for indiscretion and loud displays.

Do you have what it takes to be the best operatives in the business?
If so, welcome aboard.

OOC Starting Notes

The first generation of characters for this game will be 80 point characters. Any made in the future will be high rolled (2D10’s re-roll 1’s & 2’s, keep the higher number.)

  • Party members may sell out
  • Party size will be 3 – 5
    • Espionage and Wetwork experience a plus.

After that, check out the American Angel Wiki.






American Angels

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