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“Chippin’ In” by Johnny Silverhand from the album A Cool Metal Fire:
Got the chips and enhancements
Got the attitude right
Got the metal beneath my skin
I’m chippin’ in
Got the chrome in the bloodstream
Got a metal soul,
I’m out looking for action,
Guess I’m on a roll.
Got the old mega violence
When I boost, it’s for real,
The capacitors roarin’ inside my brain
You know just how I feel.
Cold chrome, molten lead,
Can’t be hurt cuz I’m already dead.
Ain’t no time as real as realtime.
I’m chippin’ in.
Chippin’ in
Chippin’ in (got my head to the wall)
Chippin’ in (can you hear my call?)
Chippin’ in (I’m the man of steel)
Chippin’ in (is that how you feel?

“Never Fade Away” by Johnny Silverhand from the album A Cool Metal Fire:
Sixteen and sixteen hundred
Wired with the max processor edge.
Never die and never breaking
Throw myself over the ledge.
Have you ever seen the sunlight
Screaming fast and mean and low?
Get yourself illuminated
Get yourself that cyber glow.
Made of steel and hard emotion
Give my love and face the day.
In your face and here to party.
Never gonna fade away.

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