American Angels

Training Day

Players get two days in the hotel to relax. No calls come in until noon the next day, Zed hijacks the widescreen TV:

“Gentlemen, you did not perform as well as I’d hoped. Allow me to be concise, this is a clandestine unit, We require silence. It is time for some training. There is an AV-4 on the roof, you have twenty minutes.”

Screen resumes what was on.
The training is for three months:

  • Rifle +20 IP
  • Expert: HALO/LALO +20 IP
  • Heavy Weapons + 10 IP
  • Hide/Evade +20 IP
  • Shadow/Track + 20 IP
  • General Education & Knowledge +10 IP
  • Pilot: Vectored Thrust +5 IP

One week of downtime follows before Episode: “Data Acquisition”


These two skills are only offered if the previous mission went well.

  • Cybernetic or BioEngineering package (within reasonable limit)
  • Assault Training:
    • Rappeling +20 IP
    • Expert: Jungle Survival +20 IP**



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