American Angels

Testing the Water

This mission is to test the team’s ability to work together. It is a live fire exercise in wetwork. Lives can and will be lost. This run is done strictly with the party’s gear, or what they can acquire in the field.

The Target: Mickey ‘Diamond’ Mallone
Where: Moderate Zone ConApt Penthouse
When: Tonight, job must be completed by midnight
Pay: 6k Eb Each


Hidden bonuses:

  1. Only target killed: 10k Eb each
  2. No Alarms raised: 10k Eb each
  3. Innocents killed: -1k Eb to the one who did it.
  • Target is sitting and discussing business with three armed people
  • There are two armed guards at penthouse elevator (one calls for backup as his first round action)
  • Desk Monitor is paid to alert guards if any well-armed men enter the building
  • Target has a Trauma Team account. TT shows in 1D4+1 minutes after receiving signal.
  • Building has other occupants: Innocents -1k Eb per innocent
  • There is a maintenance vehicle with a spare uniform in it a block away. Neat, eh?

Possible negative outcomes

  • Firefight with Trauma Team
  • If room “Associates” are killed, it is possible to gain the enmity of the Orlova Crime Family. The Orlova family is the 5th ranked family in Night City. They have allies in politics and local law enforcements.
  • If any are caught, deniability clause kicks in: Rescue or Death.



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