American Angels

Series Opener

Party members are invited to an exclusive club, let mingle, then ushered politely into a VIP room. No one else is in the room except for a large vid display. After all party members enter the doors shut and a white noise generator is activated. The screen comes alive showing a man’s silhouette over a deep purple and black background.

“Good Evening (ladies and) gentlemen,

I am Zed, your new employer should you accept my offer…"
A line of static scrolls across the screen.
“I have need of your certain… talents and skills. Should you accept, you will be granted room & board on top of salary and mission pay. You will also live without SIN. For the next two years you will not exist."
A pause.
“Will you leave, or have I piqued your interest?”

The doors unlock with the loud click of released mag-locks.

Players are given their test mission, “Testing the Water”







  • If one or two party members leave, they are tracked with a standing kill order. No one who doesn’t work for Zed is allowed to know he exists.
  • If the whole part/majority leave they gain an immediate new high level enemy. Expect a short campaing unless the dice love them.
  • If the party accepts, an envelope with card keys for amulti-room condominium is handed out after a test run is discussed and ran.



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