American Angels

Sanguine Raveners

Seattle, gleaming jewel of the northwest or just one more hole… the team’ll find out soon enough. They’ve already taken some flak on the highway and have entered the area a bit worse for wear, but alive. Next, they need to find out how to enter the lab and snag the chemical compound the Yakuza want.

Data Acquisition

Relevant Data:

BioTechnica Research Facility, Mesa Agrodome
Employees @ facility ≈ 100 on file
Target: CR-0437, Crystal Drive, highly encrypted with 2TB storage

Employee breakdown
Science: 50
Maintenance: 20
Guard: 25
Corp: 5

The Mesa Agrodome is a very sterile environment, despite the thriving plant life within the dome. The Dome takes up most of the mesa and the only visible entrance being the AV-Pad, which is elevated about 200m above the mesa surface. The dome’s skin is a clear, bulletproof material (SP 40, SDP 60 per triangle)


  • Normal Conditions: 2 rotating guards, 1 guard in control room. Back up within 6 minutes.
  • Alert: 6 Guards, 2 APEX, 1 Solo in control room. back up within 3 minutes.

Note: Guards are a as per Normal guards when calm, using the H&K MPK 2020 SMG, or Defender, using the Ryo-Kushin “Master Debator” SAW.

Heinrich – Solo at entrance, 2nd in command of the Mesa guards. Wears a Custom Pit Viper Metal Gear, no EV Penalty, Skin weave, Subdermal Plates in Skull/chest, Enhanced Vision: TS, AD, Tar.
Uses the Stolbovoy ST-5 Assault Rifle

Dome Interior

Jungle setting, the dome arches far above and the “floor” of the artificial jungle is recessed into the mesa. There are no hand-holds from the entrance to the Jungle floor, just a single, tracked service lift, capable of hoisting a ton and a half of cargo. There is a path leading from the lift towards the center of the dome, and a giant, central tree.

Central Tree

The entrance is wide and obvious, using an RFID/Keypad lock when sealed. (Only sealed and locked under alert status)

Lock Type Difficulty
Radio Frequency ID 25
Keypad 30
Level 1
  • Break Room: Stereo with wall Speakers, Large Display, comfortable seating.
    • No Alert: 4 Guards with Towa Type 12 pistols,
    • Alert: No Guards
  • Armory: Unlock Difficulty 35, filled with weapons and ammo of common guards, some spare equipment for officers.
    • No Alert: No Guards, locked down
    • Alert: 5 guards, changing into Defender roles
  • Guard Quarters: Sleeping quarters for 20 men, though there are 30 lockers for personal effects. Coffin-style.
    • No Alert: 15 Guards: 10 asleep, 5 prepping for shift change w/ Towa Type 12 pistols
    • Alert: 10 Guards, awake, on standby with H&K MPK 2020’s
  • Briefing Room: Empty, either status. Contains a map of the area.
  • Elevator: Upper Levels unlocked, Lower Levels require key.
Level 2
  • Chow Hall: Large cafeteria-style chow hall with a partially separate kitchen.
    • No Alert: 2 Guards, 9 Scientists, 4 Maintenance
    • Alert: 3 Maintenance, taking shelter in the kitchen
  • Exercise Room: Orbitals, stationary bikes, adjustable weights… its all here
    • No Alert 1 Guard, 6 Scientists, 1 Maintenance, 3 Corp
    • Alert: Empty
  • Meeting Room: a small meeting room capable of holding 30 or so people comfortably around a large, wooden desk. The seats are all expensive, leather upholstered, massaging chairs.
    • No Alert: 5 Scientists, discussing genetic recombination, 2 Corp
    • Alert: 1 Corp with laptop w/ outward facing camera
  • Maintenance Quarters: There is bedding and footlockers here enough for all of the maintenance crew, plus a few extra. Coffin-style.
    • No Alert: 2 Maintenance workers
    • Alert: 1 Maintenance, hiding in locker
Level 3

This is the top level, it is the smallest and holds the Medical Lab, Chemical Storage, Living Quarters for scientific staff and cold storage for genetic material.

  • Medical Lab: This lab has a large operating room with a viewing booth, several cages for containment and an adjoining Chemical storage and Cold storage areas.
    • No Alert/Alert: 7 Scientists, 3 working on a Cyberpred Gorilla (Or captured PC), 4 observing with 1 Corp in observation room.
  • Chemical Storage: Holds majority of chemical supplies, most are in storage in fireproof cabinets except for supplies needed that day.
    • No Alert: 4 Scientists, working, and mixing chemicals into needed pharmaceuticals
    • Alert: 2 Scientists, locking down chemical supplies in the fireproof cabinets.
  • Scientist Living Quarters: Spacious quarters for all 50 scientific staff members, has it’s own separate lock.
    • No Alert: 10 Scientists
    • Alert: 36 Scientists, doors are locked and barred to prevent “Recruitment”
  • Cold Storage: Big walk-in freezer filled with drawers of specimens, empty regardless of alert status.
Sub-level 1

This level is filled with servers and a clean data storage center that uses a robotic arm to access data crystals, TARGET LOCATION, and Environmental Control.

  • Extraction of Crystal from core takes 3 minutes.
    • No Alert: 8 Scientists/Netrunners, 2 Maintenance, 2 Corp, Heinrich, & Stonewall
    • Alert: 3 Guards, 5 Scientists/Netrunners, 6 maintenance (sealing entrance), 4 Corp, Stonewall.
Sub-level 2

This houses the Agrodome’s generators, sewage treatment and water storage.

  • No Alert: 1 Maintenance
  • Alert: 10 Maintenance

Extraction Options

  • Follow River to coastal village, a boat is waiting
  • Radio for air pickup in a safe LZ


  • Mission Completed: 50k Eb Each
  • Mission “Never Happened”: +100k Eb Each
  • Mission Completed with minimal casualties: +25k EB Each
Training Day

Players get two days in the hotel to relax. No calls come in until noon the next day, Zed hijacks the widescreen TV:

“Gentlemen, you did not perform as well as I’d hoped. Allow me to be concise, this is a clandestine unit, We require silence. It is time for some training. There is an AV-4 on the roof, you have twenty minutes.”

Screen resumes what was on.
The training is for three months:

  • Rifle +20 IP
  • Expert: HALO/LALO +20 IP
  • Heavy Weapons + 10 IP
  • Hide/Evade +20 IP
  • Shadow/Track + 20 IP
  • General Education & Knowledge +10 IP
  • Pilot: Vectored Thrust +5 IP

One week of downtime follows before Episode: “Data Acquisition”

Testing the Water

This mission is to test the team’s ability to work together. It is a live fire exercise in wetwork. Lives can and will be lost. This run is done strictly with the party’s gear, or what they can acquire in the field.

The Target: Mickey ‘Diamond’ Mallone
Where: Moderate Zone ConApt Penthouse
When: Tonight, job must be completed by midnight
Pay: 6k Eb Each

Series Opener

Party members are invited to an exclusive club, let mingle, then ushered politely into a VIP room. No one else is in the room except for a large vid display. After all party members enter the doors shut and a white noise generator is activated. The screen comes alive showing a man’s silhouette over a deep purple and black background.

“Good Evening (ladies and) gentlemen,

I am Zed, your new employer should you accept my offer…"
A line of static scrolls across the screen.
“I have need of your certain… talents and skills. Should you accept, you will be granted room & board on top of salary and mission pay. You will also live without SIN. For the next two years you will not exist."
A pause.
“Will you leave, or have I piqued your interest?”

The doors unlock with the loud click of released mag-locks.

Players are given their test mission, “Testing the Water”







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